CEO of Azul Conecta pilots Voa Maricá flight

Azul Conecta Voa Maricá

Voa Maricá passengers who traveled from São Paulo (Viracopos) to Maricá Airport, this Friday (17), had a different flight. The person in charge of the trip was the pilot and CEO of Azul Conecta, José Ramos.

The experienced professional has been with Azul for over 13 years and, in addition to flying the Cessna Grand Caravan, from Azul Conecta, he also flies the Airbus A321.

After landing, José Ramos visited the facilities at the municipal airport, managed by the Maricá Development Company (Codemar). For Codemar's Director of Operations, Marta Magge, it is an honor to have a flight piloted by the CEO of Azul Conecta.


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