Emirates plane hits around 40 flamingos while landing in Mumbai

Emirates flamingos bird strike landing Mumbai

Last Monday (20), a flight from Emirates suffered an incident after hitting numerous flamingos moments before landing.

The aircraft in question was a Boeing 777-300 (A6-ENT), which ended up hitting approximately 40 flamingos as it approached Mumbai airport, India. The flight carried around 310 passengers and despite the massive bird strike, landed safely at around 21:30 pm (local time).

"Emirates confirms that EK508, which was traveling from Dubai to Mumbai on May 20, was involved in a bird strike incident during landing. The aircraft landed safely and all passengers and crew disembarked without injury, however, unfortunately, several flamingos were lost and Emirates is cooperating with authorities on the matter.“, announced Emirates. 

After the incident, maintenance technicians inspected the aircraft and confirmed minor damage to the fuselage, but without detailing the severity. The return flight to Dubai was canceled due to the incident.

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