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FAB receives two more F-39 Gripen fighters in 2023

F-39 Gripen fighters are operated by the FAB. Photo: Sergeant Müller Marin/FAB.
F-39 Gripen fighters are operated by the FAB. Photo: Sergeant Müller Marin/FAB.

A Brazilian Air Force (FAB) should receive another pair of Saab Gripen fighters in 2023. The F-39s, as the planes are designated by the FAB, are being prepared in Sweden for shipping to Brazil by sea to Santa Catarina, as occurred in the last deliveries. 

These will be the eighth and ninth F-39s delivered to the FAB, out of an original order for 36 planes, increased to 40 last year. According to the portal Aviation in Floripa, The fighters will be brought to Brazil aboard the Dutch ship MV Florijngracht.

According to website data Marine Traffic, the ship is already in Sweden and should arrive at the port of Norrköping in the next few days, where it will be loaded with Gripen FAB 4107 and 4108 fighters. The journey from Sweden to Brazil takes around three weeks, so the planes will arrive in the country yet in December if the plan is confirmed. 

FAB Gripen E F-39 Porto Navegantes Santa Catarina SAAB

Photo: Kaique Rurik @rurikdrone via Instagram

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The transportation of planes must follow the same standard adopted in recent times. The fighters take off from the Saab factory in Linköping, making a short flight to Norrköping airport, from where they are towed to the port to board the ship.

The planes are brought to the Port of Navegantes (SC), where they are unloaded and towed – at night – to Vitor Konder Airport, which serves the city. At the aerodrome, the planes receive their ejection seats and undergo ground tests before takeoff to Anápolis Air Base (GO). 


In total, seven Gripens are already in Brazil. The first aircraft, the F-39 4100, arrived in the country in 2020 and is used for development tests from Embraer's headquarters in Gavião Peixoto (SP). The remaining aircraft (4101, 02, 03, 04, 05 and 06) were all delivered between April 2022 and May 2023 and operate with the 1st Air Defense Group, the Jaguar Squadron, in Anápolis. 

The contract signed between Brazil and Sweden in 2014 also includes the production of the F-39 at Embraer. In addition to the parts manufactured in the country, Saab has already sent a kit of components including parts of the wings, fuselage and tooling for assembling the plane. A assembly line opened in May this year. 


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