Russian state media says country used advanced Su-57 fighter jet in Ukraine war

Russia Sukhoi Su-57

The Russian state news agency TASS stated, according to sources, that the Russian Air Force used the new Sukhoi Su-57 Felon fighter in Ukraine.

Previously there was speculation involving the use of the Su-57, based on some low-resolution videos posted on the internet. However, Russia never officially confirmed that its new vector was used in the so-called “Special Operation”.

The first serial production unit of the Su-57 rolled off the assembly line in January 2020. It is believed that so far three series aircraft are operating by the Russian Air Force. There are still some aircraft that participated in the certification process, and could be used by the Russians.

“The use of the Su-57 aircraft in Ukraine began two to three weeks after the start of the Special Operation. Aircraft are working outside the zone of activity of enemy air defenses. They are using missiles”, said the source of TASS, which did not confirm whether the Su-57 was responsible for attacks.

No video below we can observe a possible, mind you, possible passage of the Su-57 fighter above Zhytomyr, carrying out air-to-ground strikes.

Considered a 5th generation fighter, the Sukhoi Su-57 is Russia's newest combat aircraft, and like the North American F-22 and Chinese J-20, it has Stealth technology. The Su-57 can employ a wide range of air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles, dumb or guided bombs and is undergoing testing for its drone integration.

Among the capabilities of the Su-57 is the possibility of flying for 5 and a half hours with only one tank of fuel and weapons, the detection of targets 400 kilometers away, in addition to the ability to hit 16 targets simultaneously using laser-guided missiles. that communicate with the aircraft's internal computer.

By the end of 2024, the Russian military plans to receive 22 more of these aircraft. Production of the 76 fighters is expected to be completed in 2028. The planes will be distributed among three aviation regiments.

The Russians still have not confirmed the use of the Su-57 in real combat, which could be the second use of the fighter in conflict, after some tests in Syria in 2018.


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