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Salvador Airport brings together aviation enthusiasts on Spotter Day 2023

Spotter Day Salvador Airport
Photo: Vinci Airports

Salvador Airport promoted Spotter Day 11 last Saturday (2023), an event designed to strengthen ties between aviation enthusiasts and entities in the airport sector. The demand for this experience was immediately evident, as all available vacancies were filled in less than 10 minutes after registrations opened. In this edition, the airport had participants from other states, demonstrating the scope and national appeal that the event has.

The approximately 60 spotters present at the event had the opportunity to participate in a chat with Panda Beting, author and owner of a publishing company dedicated to covering commercial aviation. The guest, considered an icon of the aviation industry, shared his experiences accumulated over more than 40 years.


Participants then explored the airport, capturing landings and takeoffs from the Fire Fighting Section (SCI) area and other strategic points, with a privileged view of the landing and takeoff runway, ensuring a variety of angles and experiences during the event. .

Gisele Orquídea, one of the spotters who came to Salvador for the event, highlights the uniqueness of the experience offered by the airport. “The opportunity to be in several strategic points provides a unique view to capture images of the aircraft. In a spotter's day-to-day life, observation takes place around airports, and having access to restricted areas is a rarity.” Gisele also values ​​the initiative, highlighting that, at each edition, participants have the chance to explore new locations and have access to different aircraft. “For some of us, this access represents not only the opportunity to photograph, but also the chance to board an aircraft for the first time, enriching the experience even further,” she adds.

The Communications Manager at VINCI Airports in Brazil, Daniela Franco, shares that the event is an opportunity to further strengthen ties with this special community. “Opening the airport doors to them, who play a significant role in our airport environment, is an opportunity to celebrate this dedication and offer an enriching experience,” she says.

A flight simulator was available to participants and, at the end of the event, there was a prize draw, thanks to the support of partners, including the Aerotime aviation school, Associação Brasileira das Empresas Aéreas (ABEAR), Abaete Linhas Aéreas, Azul, TAP and Air Europa.

“ABEAR has been an enthusiast of Spotter Days for many years. We have already traveled to several Brazilian airports to cover this wonderful event that reflects the passion for aviation. We are very happy to support and experience another edition of Spotter Day at Salvador Bahia Airport, in this city of plurality and diversity that welcomes us from the moment we arrive at the airport, which, after all, can be the tourist's first contact” declared Vanessa Dantas, manager of ABEAR events.

The CEO of Abaeté Linhas Aéreas, Héctor Hamada, expressed his pleasure in supporting Spotter Day 2023. “It is a chance to connect with those who share our passion for aviation. At Abaeté, as the Brazilian airline that has been operating in the country for the longest time, we greatly value this opportunity to strengthen ties with our community and reinforce our commitment to excellence in aviation.”


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