Turkish Airlines plane destroys several signal lights during takeoff in Bucharest

Turkish Airlines lights Bucharest airport Airbus A330-300

Romanian investigators revealed this week that a Turkish Airlines Airbus A330-300 (TC-LOC) destroyed several signal lights on runway 26L at Bucharest airport in Romania. The incident happened on April 17, as reported by the Romanian authority AIAS, at around 22:32 pm. 

After the A330 took off, the airport's ground staff noticed that more than 10 side lights were out, as well as an exit sign for taxiway G, which were all destroyed.


Turkish Airlines Bucharest runway lights A330-300
Photos: AIAS


After landing in Istanbul, the Turkish crew reported a technical problem with the aircraft's front landing gear. The case is being investigated and was classified by AIAS as a serious incident. 



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