With the biggest business aviation deal ever done in Brazil, find out who acquired the country's first Gulfstream G700

Gulfstream Prime You G700

A prime you announces the largest executive aviation deal ever done in the country, with the acquisition of an aircraft Gulfstream G700, which now forms part of its fleet of aircraft under shared ownership. The largest company in South America sharing planes, helicopters, boats, real estate and sports cars, Prime You becomes the first and only company to offer the Gulfstream G700 to the national executive aviation market.

The result of an investment of approximately US$90 million between acquisition and structuring of the operation, the G700, with an ultra-large cabin, is considered the highest performing ultra-long-range executive jet in the industry and will be delivered to Prime You in 2024.

“We have been working hard to expand our operations and bring to our customers and the market the most advanced and modern in the world in executive aviation, and the acquisition of the G700 is an operation of great relevance, which confirms our pioneering spirit and the strength of our shared ownership business”, says Marcus Matta, founder and CEO of Prime You.

Rodolfo Costa, aviation director at Prime You, highlights that the arrival of the G700 will revolutionize executive aviation with the offer of an aircraft of this profile under shared ownership. “We are bringing to the Brazilian market the best jet in the world, with the capacity to cross continents on non-stop flights, with cutting-edge technologies that provide comfort and safety for passengers”, he highlights.

Tests carried out by Gulfstream showed that the G700 took 10h13, non-stop, to go from Los Angeles (USA) to Nice (France), at a speed of Mach 0.90 (about 1.111 km/h) and 11h30 to go from Nice to Singapore .

Prime Aviation – Prime You's business division focused on aviation – has been recording strong growth in recent years due to the demand for aircraft in the shared ownership model, both for internal travel within the country and for long-distance flights.

In Prime You's sharing model, the G700 will be divided between three shareholders. Each person will make an investment proportional to their participation and the amount will be financed. Fixed monthly costs will also be divided equally between them, with each paying an amount per hour flown according to their usage.

Each shareholder has the right to use the aircraft for up to 110 days a year, optimizing its use and reducing the idleness that would occur if it chose to be the sole owner of the asset, in addition to having a very significant reduction in fixed and maintenance costs. At Prime You, asset management includes hiring crew, hangaring, maintenance, insurance and other costs involved in operating the aircraft.


Meet the Gulfstream G700

  • Launched by Gulfstream in 2019, the G700 represents the most modern, innovative and best performance and luxury, among other attributes. It is the fastest Gulfstream executive jet ever produced, capable of long-range non-stop flights, offering a unique flying experience.
  • The aircraft is equipped with Rolls-Royce Pearl 700 engines, which allows excellent flight autonomy, being able to reach a maximum speed of Mach 0,935 - a number that comes close to the speed of sound -, which is equivalent to reaching just over 1.150 km / h.
  • It has a total length of 33,48 meters, with 19,41 meters just inside the cabin – the largest of the entire Gulfstream fleet.
  • The interior of the aircraft, depending on the configuration, can be divided into four or five living areas (or cabins), including a private rear cabin with permanent fixed bed – all naturally lit through 20 oval windows panoramic, the largest in executive aviation.
  • Among the numerous comforts offered is an ionizing system for the cabin air and 100% fresh air replenishment every two or three minutes, which provides high air quality.
  • Internally, it has the lowest cabin altitude in the executive aviation industry, meaning that on flights at 41.000 feet the cabin is at an altitude of just 2.840 feet, ensuring greater comfort for passengers.
  • The aircraft can be configured to accommodate up to 19 passengers, and beds can be assembled for up to 13 passengers simultaneously.


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