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Abesata participates in international airport services forum in Athens

Abesata ground handling plane
Photo: Abesata/Disclosure

Abesata (Brazilian Association of Auxiliary Air Transport Services Companies) was invited to participate in the Airport Services Association Leadership Forum 2023, to be hosted at the Grand Hyatt Athens, in the Greek capital, on September 20th to 22nd. The event is organized together with ARGS (Airline Routes and Ground Services), sponsored by WFS (Worldwide Flight Services), dnata and Swissport. One of the highlights of the event is the participation of the Brazilian aeronautical authority, Giovano Palma, Superintendent of ANAC (National Civil Aviation Agency). 

He will be on the panel together with representatives from the American Civil Aviation Authority (FAA) and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in a debate involving topics on the supervision of the Ground Service Provider (GSP) and the need to implement competitive conditions equitable, passing through CRES, Certificate of Regularity experienced in Brazil.

The second edition presents a new format that brings together ground support services (GSP) companies from various parts of the world. The ASA Leadership Forum is aimed at those responsible for making decisions regarding the acquisition and sale of ground services, including fueling, passenger assistance, baggage handling, line maintenance and airline services, ramp care, catering and flight services. lounge.

This is an opportunity for ground service providers to discuss important issues related to service operations with airlines. The event promotes a favorable environment for building new long-term business partnerships, as well as stimulating connectivity between companies in the sector.

The forum acts as a platform to conduct business and explore opportunities with current and prospective clients in a way that benefits the industry. The president of Abesata, Ricardo Miguel, will attend the event to honor the associated companies and collaborate with the development of the ground services sector in the country and around the world. Abesata will also share the successful experience of the sector's self-regulation program, CRES.

Today, ground handling companies in Brazil account for 95% of operations on the ground, from cleaning aircraft, focusing on their disinfection, land transport and serving passengers, crew, check-in, cargo handling, inspection channel – security – for boarding passengers, luggage and air cargo, among other modalities.


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