Azul Cargo Express celebrates two years of operations with the Embraer F Class

Azul Cargo Express unusual loads transported

Azul Cargo Express is celebrating two years of operation of its F Class fleet, marking another successful chapter in its trajectory of innovation and logistics excellence. Since launching in February 2022, the five Embraer E195 freighter-converted aircraft have achieved a series of milestones that have consolidated Azul's logistics unit's position as a leader in the air cargo transportation industry.

Since their first takeoffs, these aircraft have accumulated more than 18 thousand flight hours, transporting 15,3 million packages (e-commerce), totaling 33,3 thousand tons of cargo. They also debuted yet another Azul pioneer in the sector. With a unique ability to convert and revert, in just 10 days, Customer transport aircraft into freighters and vice versa, Azul Cargo has demonstrated unprecedented flexibility in adapting its fleet to market needs, allowing an agile response to fluctuations. seasonal and emerging demands.

The project that led to the unprecedented know-how of aircraft conversion involved a series of testing and learning stages, from conceptual elaboration and planning in partnership with LHColus Tecnologia, through test and development flights to final certification with the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC). More than a technological innovation, this achievement reinforced Azul's commitment to safety – and, therefore, to the integrity of operations and cargo protection – thanks to an unprecedented and advanced heat and fire detection system with alarms and cameras thermographic images that accompany this transformation of the E195 into a freighter.

Furthermore, the Class F fleet has played a fundamental role in expanding the company's reach, thanks to its ability to operate in smaller airports, without the need for specific infrastructure for unloading cargo. This has allowed Azul Cargo to access new markets in an efficient and economical way, boosting its growth and strengthening its position as a sector leader. Since its launch in 2022, the Class F freighter has transported cargo at 15 airports, namely: Belém (PA), Campinas (SP), Cuiabá (MT), Fortaleza (CE), Goiânia (GO), Maceió (AL) , Manaus (AM), Palmas (TO), Porto Alegre (RS), Porto Velho (RO), Recife (PE), Rio Branco (AC), São Luís (MA), Teresina (PI) and Vitória (ES).


Two years of Azul Cargo’s Class F fleet:   

· In-house know-how to convert and revert a Customer's E195 to Class F in up to 10 days;

· 15,3 million packages transported (e-commerce), average of 669,8 thousand/month;

· 18.200 hours of service;  

· 33,3 thousand tons of gross weight transported;

· In total, the F-Class has already transported cargo to 15 airports.



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