Embraer E190-E2 may have military version for maritime patrol

Embraer is studying the development of the E190-E2 for maritime patrol.

A new generation of Embraer commercial jets could reach the military aviation market. The Brazilian manufacturer is studying adapting the E190-E2 for the maritime patrol mission (MPA), as revealed by the CEO of the company's military arm. 

Joao Bosco Costa Junior, leader of Embraer Defense & Security, spoke with journalist Steve Trimble from the North American portal Aviation Week. “We are looking for some international partners who can join us on this journey”, revealed the executive. Embraer is already talking to other companies that could participate in the development of the 'P190 E2'. “So it’s a perfect time to have that kind of conversation with them.”

The model has a pair of Pratt & Whitney 1900G engines, has more than 5200 km of range and can carry 114 passengers in its single-class configuration. Embraer has already delivered 18 aircraft, all to customers abroad. 

Embraer E-Jet Turkish Airlines
E190-E2- Photo/Disclosure: Embraer

One of the possible configurations of the patrol E190-E2 features a downward-facing radome, anti-ship missiles installed in the belly of the aircraft and modifications to the rear section of the fuselage, where sonobuoys would be carried, equipment used to detect submarines. The portal highlights, however, that the design can evolve as studies progress. 

“We are now in a phase of evaluating all the possibilities and all the solutions available on the market to put the best [effort] we can into this potential product to have a potential launch customer very quickly.”

Embraer vs. Boeing?

If Embraer chooses to continue with the E2 MPA, it will have an already well-established competitor in this market. Developed to replace the P-3 Orion, the Boeing P-8 Poseidon has already been acquired by eight countries, operating in seven of them. Only Germany, which purchased five planes in 2021, is awaiting delivery of its P-8s. 

In addition to the Boeing jet, Airbus also offers an MPA version of its C295 tactical turboprop. Called the Persuader, the C295MP is cheaper, although it has less range and speed than the North American jet.

Boeing P-8A Poseidon New Zealand
Photo: Boeing

Last year Boeing presented the Poseidon's capabilities to the Brazilian Air Force. According to the then FAB commander, Brigadier Carlos de Almeida Baptista Junior, the meeting was important to prospect the future of Patrol Aviation in Brazil, since there is a need to discuss the replacement for the P-3AM Orion, used in patrolling long range.

This would not be the first time that Embraer has adapted one of its planes for this mission. In addition to the P-3, the FAB employs the P-95 Bandeirulha to monitor the enormous Brazilian territorial sea. Modernized in 2010, the P-95 was developed from the C-95 (EMB-110) transport. The P-3s are operated by the Orungan Squadron from the Santa Cruz Air Base (RJ), while the Bandeirulha are based at the Belém (PA) and Canoas (RS) bases. 

P-95 Bandeirulha and P-3AM Orion aircraft from Patrol Aviation. Photo: Sub-Officer Johnson Barros/FAB.

Even with the P-8 on the market, a 'P190-E2' could be an option for the FAB itself to replace its P-3s, even with development costs. Furthermore, the Poseidon itself is not a cheap aircraft: Germany paid US$1,31 billion for its planes and other materials and services involved. 

The idea for a maritime patrol E-Jet is also not new. In 2020, Pakistan chose the Lineage 1000, an executive version of the E190 E1, as its new patrol aircraft, under the Sea Sultan Project. The aircraft must receive weapons, satellite radios, radars, sensors and electronic warfare and self-defense instruments. 


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