International air cargo presents best results for the month of April since the year 2000

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International air cargo movement in April had the best result for the month since the beginning of the historical data series for the Brazilian civil aviation sector. During the month, 71,3 thousand tons were handled in international cargo terminals in the country, an increase of 3,8% compared to April 2023. The data is recorded in the ANAC demand and supply report, updated with sector numbers until April 2024. 

Cargo movement in the domestic sector also showed positive numbers, recording around 41 thousand tons processed (an increase of 17,1% compared to April 2023). 

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Passenger data 

The month of April, in addition to showing growth in the sector's logistics movement, also recorded positive numbers in passenger movement. In the domestic market, 7,2 million passengers were handled, 3,7% more than in April last year. 

Domestic demand, measured by passengers per kilometer (RPK), grew 5,5% compared to April 2023. The domestic supply of seats, calculated in seat kilometers offered (ASK), increased 6,1% compared to the same month in the previous year. 

The international market continues its growth trajectory, with 1,8 million passengers handled (14,9% increase compared to April 2023). International demand increased by 13,3% compared to last year, also recording another record for the period. The supply of seats in the international market grew 13,2% compared to April 2023. 


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