More sustainable airports: in Florianópolis and Vitória planes on the ground use electricity from renewable sources

Florianópolis Airport

Committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the aviation industry's ESG strategies, Zurich Airport Brasil implemented a system at Florianópolis and Vitória airports that provides electrical energy from renewable sources for aircraft on the ground. The equipment ensures that the electrical part and air conditioning of planes on the ground work only with the energy supplied by the airport, purchased from the Free Energy Market and certified with the I-REC (International Renewable Energy Certificate).

Before that, it was necessary to use external diesel generators (GPU) or drive the plane's own kerosene turbine (APU) to maintain operation. By eliminating the use of GPUs and APUs, it is planned to reduce the emission of around 1.300 tons of CO2 per year at the Florianópolis terminal and 1.200 tons per year at Vitória Airport. 

The Swiss group invested R$21 million to install the system on the ten boarding bridges in Florianópolis, and on the six bridges in the capital of Espírito Santo. In addition to the airports managed by Zurich Airport Brasil, only two other airports in the country offer the solution, which came into operation in March this year. By the end of this year, the system will arrive at Natal International Airport, managed by Zurich Airport Brasil since February 19, with a new investment of almost R$6,8 million.

The program has the support of the country's main companies: Azul, Gol and Latam signed a contract with the airport administrator to use the service from the beginning of operation. The project has the support of the Brazilian Association of Airlines (Abear) and the Brazilian Association of Airports (ABR).

Zurich Airport Brasil's Sustainability Area operates with a focus on four central themes: energy, water, waste and air quality management. In the latest edition of ANAC's Sustainable Airports Award, Florianópolis and Macaé Airports, also managed by Zurich Airport Brasil, won first place in their categories.


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