Seat supply increases for Carnival 2024 at Aena Airports in the Northeast

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The airports managed by Aena in the Brazilian Northeast registered a consistent growth in movement during the carnival period of 2024. From Friday (9) to Ash Wednesday (14), seat offers increased in the six terminals, including from capitals where Street parties attract crowds to locations more conducive to rest during the holidays, such as Maceió (AL), which offered 30.620 seats, 50,86% more – the comparison is always made with the same period in 2023.  

No Recife (PE), the days of revelry generated a 42,31% greater supply of seats, going from 125.836 to 179.080. Aracaju (SE) offered 26.432 seats, 48% more than last year's 17.876. Already in Campina Grande (PB), the supply was 122,6% higher: 4.034 compared to 1.812 in 2023. The numbers also grew in João Pessoa (PB) – it was 12%, from 30.226 to 34.528 – and Juazeiro do Norte (CE), with the 10.512 thousand seats representing 25,92% more than the previous 7.786.  

* Important: The offer of seats takes into account the total occupancy of the aircraft and may or may not translate into the number of passengers. 
The number of operations, consequently, increased in all terminals in the Northeast: 52% in Aracaju, 22,37% in Juazeiro do Norte, 19,10% in the Recife, 16% in João Pessoa

Comparison between years cannot be made for the eleven airports in the SP/PA/MG/MS block, which only entered the Aena network between October and November 2023. For 2024, Congonhas (SP) has 2.616 operations planned, with 418.254 seats offered. In Minas Gerais, Uberlandia has 77 operations and 10.000 seats and Montes Claros offer 3.308 seats. No stop, Maraba has 7.804 seats offered, Santarém has 4.656 seats and 62 operations and Carajás has 4.572 operations and 24 operations. In Mato Grosso do Sul, Campo Grande offering 26.246 seats and 171 operations, Corumba 1.416 seats and 12 landings/takeoffs. Carajás, 4.272 seats and 24 operations. 

Aena works to increasingly improve its 17 airports, providing passengers with unforgettable travel experiences, marked by comfort, practicality, modernity and safety. 


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