Antonov CEO says second An-225 is unfeasible to produce

Antonov An-225 plane Ukraine

The head of the Antonov Company, Oleksandr Donets, stated in an interview a heartbreaking information for those who are fans of the An-225 Mriya, the largest plane in the world.

According to Donets, it is unfeasible to build the second unit of the An-225, even using the second fuselage that has been available since the 90s.

Just to complete this second plane, according to Donets, would need at least US$ 460 million, in a survey made in 2012.

Even with technology advancing, new components for aircraft and larger parts being made with alternative materials, the cost would still be high for the size of the aircraft. 

“The Mriya is not hired as often as the Ruslans, because the Mriya was specifically designed to transport Buran, not humanitarian cargo. Basically for space. This was something the Soviet Union could afford. More importantly, nearly 35% of airports cannot provide Mriya landing space. Because of its dimensions and wingspan, the Mriya does not fit into the runway lanes and we would not recoup the costs.”Donets said.

In general, the AN-225 does not perform many flights, in addition to its restricted capacity in airports around the world, the cost per operation is at least US$ 1 million. 

The most requested is the AN-124, a smaller version that requires the same specifications for landing compared to the Boeing 747-8F.

After two years, the AN-225 flew again after undergoing updates and modernizations. Currently, it plays a key role in transporting large, heavy loads or bulk cargo, as has been the case with bringing health supplies to countries to help fight Covid-19.



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