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Argentina's New Presidential Boeing 757 Is Getting a Beautiful New Paint

Boeing 757 Argentina Tango Uno
Photo: Social Networks

The 'newer' Boeing 757 that will be used to transport the president of Argentina is in the process of being painted and will be completely different from the pattern adopted in the old presidential aircraft.

The new 'Tango Uno' is a Boeing 757-200, the same model as the old presidential plane and was acquired by the Argentine government for around US$ 22 million. Currently, President Alberto Fernández has used the Boeing 737-500 for official trips throughout Latin America and for trips outside the region, he flies with airlines on regular flights.

The old plane that served the presidency of Argentina has been parked for more than seven years at El Palomar Airport. According to information, the company AvJet Global Sales that sold the 'new jet' to the country, made the commitment to find a buyer for the old Boeing 757.

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The new presidential plane has a more luxurious interior and is relatively newer than the old one, which is 23 years old and can carry approximately 39 passengers. 

The Boeing 757 that will be the new 'Tango Uno' should arrive in Argentina soon, as it is receiving a new livery in the US and also some extra modifications to serve the country's presidency.

The aircraft will have a stronger painting on its fuselage, with the Argentine flag being applied throughout the fuselage, which will have its predominant color with light blue, the tone of the flag.

The painting even resembles that of the state-owned Aerolíneas Argentinas, which for some time has used a painting that covers the entire fuselage of its aircraft.

The future presidential plane was manufactured in 2000, being originally delivered to the Spanish Iberia as EC-HIP and having flown only for five years in the company. In 2005, it was configured as a VIP transport and transferred to the US Funair Corporation. 

In 2017, the Boeing 757 was transferred to Validus Aviation until it was purchased by the Argentine government in recent days.



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