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With the right to an incredible low pass, Argentina receives its new presidential Boeing 757

Argentina Presidential Aviation Buenos Aires Boeing 757-200
Photo: Social Networks/Reproduction

Compliant we announced earlier on the Aeroflap Portal, Argentina today received its newest presidential aircraft based on a Boeing 757-200. The delivery flight was from Miami, bound for Aeroparque (AEP). 

Despite being a rare maneuver in Brazil since the early 2000s, such a practice seems to be quite common in Argentina, with records of low passes at air shows and symbolic moments of deliveries, as witnessed today in Buenos Aires.

Faced with great expectations for the arrival of the new plane on the part of the local press and aviation enthusiasts, the pilots of the new Argentine presidential 757 surprised everyone with a beautiful low pass, even with the rainy and rainy weather, see the special moment below: 


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Argentina Presidential Aviation Buenos Aires Boeing 757-200

Argentina's old presidential plane has been parked for over seven years at El Palomar Airport. Photo: Alan Lebeda via Wikimedia Commons


With the VVIP configuration, the new ARG 01 can carry up to 39 passengers. The plane was purchased by the Argentine government for US $22 million financed over a 10-year period. 

Manufactured in the year 2000, the new ARG 01 began its operations by the Spanish Iberia. In 2017, this Boeing 757 was transferred to Validus Aviation until it was purchased by the Argentine government this year.


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