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TAP launches program for frequent travelers with discounts of up to 40% on airline tickets

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Photo: TAP Air Portugal

TAP has relaunched the Flight Pass, a product aimed at customers who travel frequently and who can thus obtain a discount of up to 40% on airline tickets.

The Flight Pass results from a partnership with Optiontown, which provides a platform for booking air passes under conditions defined by TAP. TAP customers can thus buy a set of unlimited trips, with a minimum of four trips. The more trips are purchased, the cheaper they are.

When purchasing a Flight Pass, it is not necessary to indicate the final date you will travel, its validity is from one month to two years.

This product allows passengers to lock in the lowest fare and avoid future increases. The Flight Pass is available on all direct flights within Portugal (mainland and islands) and between Portugal and more than 50 destinations in Europe and North Africa, in both economy and business class.

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All TAP services, such as assigning seats or limiting luggage, are still available with the Flight Pass, as are the benefits of the Miles&Go programme. Miles will be awarded according to the fare purchased.

“We are pleased to introduce our renewed Flight Pass, offering significant discounts over regular fares. We understand that our customers are always looking to facilitate the purchase of their trips and, therefore, we have improved our product in order to meet all their needs. We believe that our customers, especially those who travel more frequently, will love the added convenience and flexibility that our Flight Pass now offers.”, says Mário Cruz, Senior Director Pricing- Revenue Management and Ancillaries, at TAP.

Sachin Goel, CEO and founder of Optiontown, says that the company is “excited to improve the Flight Pass offer with TAP Air Portugal. The Flight Pass is perfectly suited to all passengers looking to travel for leisure or business.

Customers can customize their pass to choose their desired level of flexibility, convenience and travel features, as well as saving up to 40%. With the Flight Pass, customers minimize the time it takes to search and book flights by up to 90%, thus enjoying a seamless experience throughout their trip, right from the start.



Street: TAP Air Portugal


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